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A Pond of Returns

A Pond of Returns

Seafoods constitute a great percentage of our food and it is no wonder that developed countries like China alone that produces about 62% of the world's farmed fishes holds the finances and economy of other consuming countries to ransom. Fishes are not just beautiful creatures but tastes divine as well. Grilled fish, dripping sauce and goodness, eaten with crispy fries is a delight to the stomach any day. This is why the hospitality industry makes a great deal of money from selling every cooked form of fish in their hotels, restaurants and food stands. Nigeria is a massive consumer of seafoods ranging from crabs, crayfish to Tilapia and other fresh or dried fishes. Red meat is now avoided like a plague and fishes including all its products have been totally accepted as the best. Mostly recommended by doctors for healthier heart condition because of its low quantity of cholesterol, Fishes are the go-to investment ports for business minded Nigerians.  Soft, rich in nutrient and easy to cook, fishes offer a huge source of income for business owners and farmers across the country.


Probably the most farmed animal after poulty birds in Nigeria, these aquatic beings mature quickly and can be harvested a number of times yearly. If Nigeria is to match her annual consumption and importation ratio of fishes, more fish farmers and investors must  work together agressively to change the narrative.  There's a lot of work to be done in the fish farming business and there is just as much money to be made. A pond of fish is a pond of great returns. Fish farmers get up to  tripple the value of money invested in every fingerling when they mature well. Feeding and care are cost effective no doubt, but the profit obliterates the cost value. There are 300 investment slots available for investors of N150,000 on our Farmpowerng to give birth to a 20% return  after just six months.


There is always a willing and available market for fishes. However, what is in short supply is fish farmers and investors in the trade. This is where Farmpowerng swings into action by connecting investors to the best deals in Agriculture. When next you see a pond of fishes, do not look at the risks or cost associated with it. Only think of a pond of cash returns that you can be harvesting from at will.

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