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A Worthy Investment

A Worthy Investment

Poultry farming is arguably the oldest form of animal husbandry that man ever tried his hands on. From small scale farming of poultry birds done at one's backyard with a cage or two to the commercial scale poultry farming carried out with the aid of machanized equipment, poultry farming  has fed millions of Nigerians and supported a lot more businesses associated with it such as producers of feeds, eggs and pastries. When an average Nigerian thinks of enjoyment, he pictures a plate of smoky jollof rice and fried chicken breast or drumsticks sitting gloriously on it.  Bottom line, there's a chicken somewhere in the mix. Although we are ferociously rearing poultry birds, but it is sadly not enough to cater for the humongous craving for it masked as demand in our country.


Yearly, we lose precious national resources to importation of frozen chickens, some of which are unhealthy for consumption but nevertheless brought in by unscrupulous business men and women hungry to make profit at all cost.  There is no doubt an urgent need for more indigeneous poultry farmers to  compliment the efforts of those already on ground. As more people are realizing the need to venture into this profit-laden business, the harsh reality of low funding and not enough capital for commercial poultry farming becomes even more glaring.


Farmpowerng reserves  200 slots for investors willing to put in N200,000 in the bid to get 20% returns in 6 short months. Investors therefore are expected to take home the sum of N40,000 after six months of investing. We all can't own poultries of course, but by providing part of the resources necessary to run one smoothly, we are digging our claws into poultry farming. Unlike fashion and real estate agent that either goes out of fashion or depreciates in value, poultry faming will continue to be a relevant trade as long as man thinks of chicken on his food. Consumers of poultry birds and it's products will always exist and as more and more businesses that rely on poultry products as their basic raw materials spring up, we are confident that poultry farm will never go out of market. For strict vegetarians, and other fitness enthusiasts on thin diets specifically handed to them by their nutritionists, meat might be a sin to them but they run to eggs for succor.


Eggs by extension are poultry products that when produced in large quantities can serve as a stable channel of income for the business man and everyone in the chain of distribution. Considering all these, it is quite understandable why nations of the world that are particular about the growth of their economy are diversifying into agriculture to fulfil this aim. Agriculture has so much to offer in terms of employment, income and food security. Poultry farm in is a good place to start for investors. Big business names like KFC Chicken have continued to thrive on poultry animals since it's inception and those who invested in the vision early are definitely reaping bountifully today.

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