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Agriculture is the future.

Agriculture is the future.

Everyone who follows the news and happenings around the world definitely knows the validity of the statement "Agriculture is the future" and probably understands the weight it pulls.  Daily, we see the oil and gas industry rise and crash, aviation and hospitality face equal fate, if not worse, just to mention a few. Surely, there are other sectors of the world's economy that might never recover from the massive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the sad reality that we are forced to embrace and live with. The fact remains that nothing is reliable and the global pandemic that still rocks the world goes a long way to lend credence to this.   As inflation rates continues to skyrocket, our needs are bound to change. What were formerly considered necessities to most people are now termed 'luxuries', one they can not even afford. As long as man lives, one thing is constant and is forever enduring, that is the desire to eat. Yup! Man will never jettison food because it's his fuel and he needs it to survive


This is why agriculture being the oldest profession of man will thrive till the end of time. Everyone who is anyone and intends to have a firm grip on the fortunes of the future understands that investment in agriculture is an investment with high-yielding returns. These returns come back to you in exponential values. Agriculture has life, literally. Animal farming or crop farming deals with life, growth and multiplication of species. A pond of fingerlings today, can be the cash cow of the business owner in less than six months where he milks not just his capital but a ton of other gains. Agriculture is a profitable venture and today's generation is lucky to experience it in a more sophisticated way given the advent of mechanized agriculture. This simply means, at the tap of a button, you are ploughing your way through a field of dirt without breaking a sweat.


Incredible! Investors in agriculture have it easier to say the least. They simply put their resources in someone else's farm and relax. Season after season, they receive the dividends of that transaction. Agriculture is greatly sought after now and even tagged "essential" because people have made it appealing and some of these people control finances of the world. Agriculture has branched out in to broad categories and everyone does not have to till the ground or rear animals to be acclaimed a farmer.  There are areas available for investments, one just has to pick a choice that best suits him or her.  Organizations have spring up for instance just to handle agricultural produce and turn them into amazing products that has high utility. Either before, during or after a farming season, agriculture provides a home for diverse investors. Find a spot, create your niche and watch the results take the future by surprise. Simply put, there is space for everyone in agriculture! Man must wack and he can only ensure this by farming aggressively. As we draw near to an era of no oil and gas, we must stand on something more stable and that's Agriculture!

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  1. Joy

    Joy Aug 11, 2020 at 08:20

    I find this very enlightening. Thank you.

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