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As Fat as a Pig

As Fat as a Pig

For us in pig farming, being as 'fat as a pig' is not just a sad figure of speech used to describe humans. Nah! We are referring to the networth of pig farmers and those who wisely invest in it. Taking care of pigs can be a herculean task no doubt and for most people,  you just can not cope with them around you. We totally understand you.  Worry no more, at Farmpowerng, we have got over a hundred investment slots in pig farming for you to put your money and your heart while you sit back and watch it grow. Our pig farmers are the very best in the game and this is why  we can guarantee a whooping 35% returns on your investment deposit of N450,000 accumulating for a period of 12 months.  Now, this is exactly what we mean when we describe your money as one growing as fat as a pig.


With the ever increasing demand for pork in both local and foreign market, and the recent craze to eat healthy, Nigerian farmers have taken a great deal of liking to the business churning out millions of naira from the sales of pigs and all  products  related to it annually. This is why we strongly recommend that investors with an eye for slowly growing returns that culminate in almost half of initial capital should consider diving into the soothing pool of pig farming. 35% returns is not promised every day in a lot of investment opportunities worldwide except if it is a Ponzi scheme with a looming high risk of failure. Agriculture offers this much security for your money and pig farming is where the miracle happens. When pigs are properly taken care of being that they are highly sensitive to weather and feeding, a single sow can produce up to 12 piglets in a gestation period of averagely 130 days. What this means for our investors is that your investment is just as fruitful as the pigs themselves. Oh yes! Pigs are often the quickest to be ready for the market when compared to the growth rate and marketability of other animals and so no one has to wait donkey years to harvest returns. Your money is not tied down at our pig farm longer than stipulated. We have a reliable market for our farm produce and animals so they are sold almost as soon as they leave the farm.  Pork is the new beef, just as pig farming is the new oil well. It is in basically everything they serve us at continental and five star hotels that know their onions.  We at Farmpowerng knows this and you should too. It is the best time to put your money where your mouth is and watch it grow as fat as pigs.

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