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FARMPOWER have come to stay

FARMPOWER have come to stay

True investment deals have a structure that backs them up. Call it a "modus operandi" that they abide by in other to make sure everyone wins. There are no losers and gainers. No cheating one man to pay another. Everyone is important. There is usually a mission for their existence and a vision statement to lend credence to that.  


Farm power Nigeria is one of those true investment platforms. Not only are we duly verified and registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC), we are insured as well. Oh yes! We have a backup. Our backup has a backup as well. Do you get the picture? Farmers under us farm boldly without fear or doubt  that their produce will not get to the final consumers.


So when you invest with us, there is no need to panic or be afraid that in the course of an eventuality, maybe a natural disaster, your money will be eroded just like that. We meant our words when we said you should relax and let us take proper care of your money.


We at Farmpower Nigeria do not double money. Of course, only magicians can do that, if they exist. We are simply an organization set up to link farmers who need resources and financial capital in order to farm to investors who have this capital but are not able to farm themselves. When you put your money for instance in our pig farm, you get 35% returns on your N450,000 deposit after 12 months.


You do not have to "bring three persons" to cash out. All you do is wait for the duration of the partnership to elapse and then we wire you your money plus returns. Shikena!


If you check the antecedents of honest investments platforms such as the stock markets and the likes, you would notice this is how it is done. No abracadabra or gimmicks. It is plain, transparent and understandable. Every investor gets to monitor their money and the growth rate. Your percentage of return is non-negotiable. This means you get it no matter what happens.


Farmpower Nigeria is backed up!

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  1. Ajao Musa Bolaji

    Ajao Musa Bolaji Aug 20, 2020 at 14:08

    Nice one, This a very good ideal (the site) which many also had think of but not able to implement it, But still looking for to partner with you, Am from Oyo State.

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