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Our cucumber slot is still available.

Our cucumber slot is still available.

Cucumbers are such juicy fruits with crispy white flesh but that is not all they are known for. Cucumbers have become so useful in our daily lives and Nigeria more than ever before is awakening to the health benefits of this nature's gift to man. Today, we find green rinds of this fruit in our salads, at the spa and even in cosmetic products.


Effective for tackling dark circles underneath the eyes and deflating eyebags, cucumbers are invaluable to man. There are very few people farming cucumbers in Nigeria and there is a lot of research and scientific knowledge that has to be dug out regarding how the benefits of this fruit can be maximized. Farmpower intends to be among the forerunners of this noble course. Hence, we are constantly investing our time and resources in gaining scientific knowledge that will boost our productivity and this what makes us different from other agricultural investment organizations.


As a result of the highlighted importance of cucumber and it's profitability, we are vehemently seeking farmers and investors to join forces with us so as to increase Nigeria's production and exportation of Cucumber. We notice that they decrease in quantityfrom the market once their season is out because local farmers are unable to finance large scale farming as well as meet the demands of irrigation farming and the Hi-Tech storage facilities needed to preserve this fruit.


With about 200 investment slots available at Farmpower, we shall pool resources from willing investors to infuse into the sparsely populated cucumber market. Investors in this market stand to benefit 25% returns on every N200,000 deposited to sponsor the growth of this beneficial and commercial fruit.


We bring out the business side of farming and magnify it so everyone can see the light that we have been opportuned to see in Agriculture.


So whether you like to eat cucumber personally or like it's fragrance in your bath soap, Cucumber has come to stay in the agricultural produce market and we want to partner with you to see that Nigeria farmers are not left out of the blooming market base for cucumber.

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  1. Nino Ozara

    Nino Ozara Sep 02, 2020 at 22:02

    You are doing a great job commercializing agriculture in Nigeria.

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