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Snail Farming (Pros and cons)

Snail Farming (Pros and cons)

Have you ever tasted peppered snails on a stick grilled to perfection? Yeah, you probably know by now that being a delicious meat is one of the most basic 'pros' of snail farming. Many testimonies exist why snails should be made Constitutional and enforced as a must-eat.


Another pro would be that the cost of rearing snails is relatively cheaper when compared to other types of animal farming. Snails require low maintenance and attention. This is enough reason to tempt anyone who is business minded to start the venture.


The risk encountered in snail farming is minimal, we dare say almost non-existent. Snails hardly fall sick like other animals and are never victims of predator attacks. So you can sleep with both eyes closed when you are a snail farmer. There are obviously a lot of pros attached to snail farming like it's richness in healthy protein, high profit margin and the ever available market for it.


On the cons we have these to say:

  • Snails are painfully slow to mature. Unlike broilers that you can start earning from as early as three months, you would require the patience of Job to farm snails and make profits.
  • They require special climatic conditions to survive. You as a Farmer will ensure a humid environment for your snails perpetually. Thus can be difficult to achieve in dry seasons or climatic conditions.
  • You would have to consider moving your snails to markets where the customers do not find snail meats a taboo or sin. This means snails can not be farmed everywhere except you have first considered the cost of transportation to market zones.


Farmpower Nigeria has weighed all these pros and cons and we can safely say that our investors can trust our snail farmers to provide them with high returns on their investments after the agreed period of partnership elapses.


We wish you good luck as you consider taking the shorter route to making money off snails which is to allow us farm it while you relax and wait for maturation of the investment.

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