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The all-in-one animal

The all-in-one animal

Snails are probably the most useful animal for the 21st century man given the rise in its usefulness and corresponding hike in demand. Formerly, one only ate snails out of cravings or for the sheer need of fine dinning. Well, not anymore. The snail has become an animal of interest to cosmetologists and other scientists who have begun experimenting it's ability to be effective on the skin as much as it is nutrious to the human system.  Animals with a lot of economic power is what Farmpowerng deals in and the snail is an all in one animal carrying great economic, nutrious and medical potentials.  When we look across the racks in a cosmetic store, we see a wide range of skincare products that have adapted snails as their primary raw material for production. As a matter of fact, dermatologists recommend such products as efficient sunscreens, sunburn and skin repair products for it's anti-aging component. We now know that snails are highly sought after by a lot of people for diverse reasons, some even, for it's shells. They have great commercial value. Hence, snail farming is the hub of many investments in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. It is a lucrative venture, one that people are advised to take advantage of now that the market is not overly saturated. Farmpowerng offers a mouth-watering 25% returns for every N100,000 investment that  becomes ripe for harvest at exactly 9 months later.  


Snails are low maintenance animals when compared to the profit they yield and the rate of their multiplication. Laying over 50 to 100 eggs at least six times a year, the right species of snails can be a steady source of income for farmers and investors alike. People no longer need to wait for farmers from the West to handpick snails from forests and swamps and bring to the general weekly market before they can have a pot of peppered snails diced beautifully to eat. Farmers are more intentional now than ever and are farming snails year in year out to meet the high demands. Investors will further broaden the snail market and cause the turnout of more income from the business. In snail farming, we believe the more, the merrier. Demand far outweighs supply as it stands presently as more people are ditching other red meats and all the ailments that trails them for the deliciously nutritious meat like snail. Nigeria for one, is a country that has basically no cultural bias or taboos in relation to snail meat so it is consumed by a great number of her populace. Rich in protein, iron and famous for being low in fat, snails are the favorite meat of Nigerians particularly the elite.  Investing large sums into snail farming will make Nigeria stand a better chance in the global market for snail farmers making us not only consumers of snails but exporters of it as well.  Pitch your investment tent here and Farmpowerng will help you gain N25,000 on every N100,000 you put into it.

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