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The feeling we get from our fingerlings is orgasmic!

The feeling we get from our fingerlings is orgasmic!

Fishery continues to be a source of joy to those who engage in it. At the moment, Farmpower is thrilled at the progress that we have made so far in our fish farm. The way the fingerlings grow and how they mature and become marketable is fascinating. Different people place various degrees of importance on fish but we generally agree that they are about the healthiest form of meat. Whether fresh, Frozen or dried, Fish is still a nutritious food. Rich in calcium, phosphorus and containing Omega-3 which is a healthy form of fatty acid used by the heart, fishes are the average Nigerian's special food.


We are working tirelessly with our fish farmers to produce fishes that can compete favorably with those already in the market. Tilapia and Catfish are the most famously reared fish specie in Nigeria. This is because our climate permits it and supports the business to thrive. The market available for fishes also is very encouraging of the trade.


After poultry farming, our fish farm is about the largest. Fishes are economical to rear and harvest. The profit margin that exists between fingerlings and full blown fish is wide and serves as a major source of motivation for the farmers.


Starting the business of fish farming requires a great deal of capital though to get the feeds, troughs, ponds and other necessary things set up. Apart from capital, fish farming can not be operated without prior knowledge of the business. Gaining the required experience and knowhow will consume time, energy and most times, lots of money! Investing with us simply means you will be boycotting all these stress and landing right at the point of profit making.


From N150,000 and above, people who invest their monies in our fish farms will be taking home 20% returns plus their investment amounts  after six short months. There is no limits to this investment. The greater the figure you invest as a matter of fact, the higher the revenue you cash out after the expiration of your partnership.


Now you see why our fish farms gives us so much joy. Surely, you too can share in our joy by joining us now!

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