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When Investments grow like grass

When Investments grow like grass

Goat farming is perhaps one of the most fascinating business venture in Nigeria.  Although goats are usually referred to as being stubborn and strong headed, these qualities are simply what makes a successful business man or woman. Over the years goats and it's products like meat,milk, skin and so on, have gained so much importance across the country as there is no mentioning of meat in the market without chevon which is goat meat running out of the lips on default. Goat meat peppersoup is usually the most  expensive dish on the menus of local bukas and hotels Nationwide.  Let's simply say, goat meats are hot cakes! Commercial goat farming though not very well practiced in most parts of the country which is probably due to lack of knowledge because the climate and weather in the country is perfectly suitable for it to thrive effortlessly in any part of the country.  


This is the reason we are employing our investors to seize this opportunity of being a part of a business that has less traffic of interested humans so as to maximize profits.  This way, they would succeed in contributing to the agricultural sector and the national income as a whole. By investing the amount of N300,000 you are assured of a return of N75,000 within a period of 6 months.  Isn't that amazing? Well, with the high demand for goat products almost everywhere within the country,your investment is never going to be stalled or laid idle but rather you will get your returns as soon as the products gets out. Also goat farming is a business that can be practiced by anyone regardless of your profession as it requires not too much labour and it's management also can be done by anybody.


So if you are in search of a side hustle or  say you are in need of extra cash to take care of some unplanned and unbudgeted expenses,then goat farming is a call you can't afford to miss. It will also interest you to know that in this business your returns is as good as your investment because goat farming has an amazing 25% return of investment ratio which means within the stipulated period of time you will be smiling to the bank. Interestingly,  there is the fact that  a male goat can breed as many as 40 does (female goats) at a time and within a gestation period of 145days, our farm is certainly out of counts for new borns and other products going out into the ready market also at rapid successions. What this means is that goat products are always in high demand and are also made ready all year round. So it's a win-win investment portfolio for any one who is strong headed about financial freedom and optimistic about more than one sources of income.

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