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Which Way Naija?

Which Way Naija?

After all is said and done, when the figures of those diagnosed of the virus finally drop and the silence of the post covid-19 season hangs upon us like a wet blanket, what next? We have probably all eaten into our savings somewhere along the hungry route that brought us to this day since the first case  was recorded in Nigeria. For a lot of people, all that is left is a couple of empty purses or accounts and series of bad decisions especially with regards to investment and priorities. Individually, we have a lot of actions and inactions to get right  this time in other to cope with the impact of the covid-19 on us surely but most importantly, collectively as a nation there's the urgent need to answer the question of "which way" convincingly.


Covid-19 was and still is a great teacher and we have learnt our lessons, hopefully. It exposed our flaws and beamed the searchlight on our misplaced priorities. More than ever before, it proved and brought to the world's awareness how hunger and poverty continues to ravish majority of Nigerians. So apart from the comatose health sector that Covid-19 came to make a mockery of, the agricultural sector is a far cry from what it is supposed to be as well. For us at Farmpowerng,  Covid-19 just showed us ways to make more money. We are however not selfish with the opportunities that we have discovered in the agriculture industry nor are we going to hoard the quality of information at our disposal.


We also realize we can not do it alone. There is so much to do anyway if Nigeria's economy is to be rescued from the abyss of inflation. We need every hand on deck to be able to sufficiently and independently feed this big baby called Nigeria. Farmpowerng has taken the  humongous  responsibility of bringing Farmers and development enthusiasts masked as investors under it's auspices to work hand in hand in ensuring Nigeria takes it's place on the global Agricultural space. We have what it takes. Farmpowerng knows this more than anyone else and we strongly believe this.


When next you  hear someone ask "which way to go" , there you have it. Agriculture is the way to go. As a matter of fact, it is the surest and most promising path to take post Covid-19 for Nigeria. Farmpowerng is the vehicle that plies this path without hitches helping every passenger on board achieve their dream investment goals. Basically, everyone smiles to the bank in this business, farmers and investors alike.

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