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Why should I invest in Pig Farming?

Why should I invest in Pig Farming?

Why should I invest in Pig Farming?

What is pig farming? Pig farming/production also known as piggery involves the raising and management of pigs mainly for meat (pork). The farming process is quite easy and pig meat has a very large market in Nigeria and around the world.



Oke - Aro has the highest customer/market share in pig production in Nigeria. The major customers are the Chinese, Warri’s, Shoprite; and other customers include Terratiga, butchers, hotels, restaurants, SMEs, and local consumers.Over 5,000 fattened pigs are sold daily on the farm.


Our insurance contract with Leadway Assurance Limited is designed that all piglet stock on the farm is insured, even as new stock comes in, each piglet is insured. This is to ensure the total safety of investors' funds on pig investment. In other words, although there is no expected loss if any; all funds will be fully paid back.


We fatten piglets to market-ready sizes (from 20kg to 100-12kg). it is calculated that the pig has a yield of 65% to 75% of meat to live weight, that is to say, that it presents an excellent performance in carcass compared to other animals.




Everything is in place to mitigate risk on the farm: skilled vet doctors, clean and conducive pens (zero congestion), routine maintenance, and periodic vaccination


Our pig farm is located in oke-aro IFO LGA, Ogun State, which is popularly known as the largest pig center in Africa.Investors are welcomed to visit the farm.


Our pig farm is now open for investment, invest 250,000 per slot and earn 40% ROI in 12 months, the interest is paid four times, that is 10% every 3 months.


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