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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can.

You get credited automatically at the end of your cycle

You cannot invest above 50million at a time.

Yes, you can invest in more than one farm simultaneously

No. You can't. Till end of Tenure

Your investment starts to run the first day of the next month you initiate investment.

-  Farm opening with essential information
-  Financing by choosing desires farm unit to invest
- Investing the funds put into use after due date for subscription elapses.
- The produces are collected and sold. Capital and revenue are saved in the investors records.

Our farms are insured with LeadWay Assurance Company

Yes, we are farmers. We work with experienced farmers and experts


What Our Customers Say

We are Professional & Expert
Farm Power NG Agency!

At Farm Power NG, we give investment chances to individuals who want to be engaged in agribusiness with ease. We equip farmers to deliver more. We make work openings and decrease poverty, while ensuring returns for our investors


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